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3 min readMar 19, 2022


This time I´m gonna write another Writeup about Geolocation:

Geolocation 27:

Here the question is: “In which city was the picture taken?”

So okay let´s go!

First steps

First of all in this types of CTF’s I have the costume of collect how much data as possible.

Looking into the picture we can appreciate:

  • On the left side we got a parking for bikes (could be useful later), a kind of map and in front of it there’s a sign where it´s written: Velkommen.
  • Behind the map before mentioned there´s a ship.
  • On the right we can see another ship but if we look closer we can appreciate the name of the boat: Sagasund
  • Finally it’s obvious but needed to say that we are in a port.

Knowing this I decided to ubicate myself searching what´s the meaning of Velkommen

Norwegian is spoken in Norway, Sweden and Denmark but it´s only the official language in Norway

Following our research, if found that the ship Sagasund is a ferry service with a route between Fredrikstad and Stömstad in Switzerland

This can give us and idea about where to look into

I decied with this information take use of maps to see if the port of the picture was one of the start-end points of the trip but it didn´t work

Then I used the map we’ve talked about earlier, and comparing it with google maps we can know a number of stops the ship might do:

Finally I was looking into all of those ports trying to find similarities:

Then the solution os this CTF is Gamlebyen!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next Writeup!




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