hacktoriaWalkthrough — Hacktoria: Geolocation 24

This morning I decided to make a Geolocalization exercise in Hacktoria.

In this post I will show you how to solve Geolocation 24:

As we see this time we got this image:

Now the question that hacktoria ask us is: What’s the name of the city where this photo was taken?

Okay let´s go

First Step

What I usually do in this type of “challenges” in a first instance is see how many information the picture provides us:

  • On the Right side we see a security worker with a jacket where is writen segurança
  • On the Left side there’s a car that shows the word bombeiros
  • On the center of the image there are few people wearing knight helmets and riding horses, finally but not less important next to the “bombeiro’s car” there are people waring medieval costumes.

Second Step

Having all that information we can proceed to search “evidences”

First of all with the vocabulary that we’ve collected if we go to translator we are able to discover that the language is Portugese

So let’s take a look into which countries the main language is portugese:

Now we know the language and got a list of places to search for, then i’ve searched for medieval events in those places:

I decided to start searching in Brazil, and i discovered that there’s a national team of medieval battles but I have´nt found anything about horse races, and decided to step into Mozambique and Angola following the order of the list, in those places are festivals but didn’t look as the fest that we’ve looking for.

Then when I decided to move to Portugal I finally found that in a city called Óbidos there’s a Medieval Fair with spectacles, horses and knights, then looking inside the fest I come to the conclusion that the city of out challenge is Óvidos .

Thanks for reading and see you in the next Writeup!



I’m a software developer and a cyber security student

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I’m a software developer and a cyber security student